BFA art education | Minerva
   BFA Photography

Work experience
   Production assistant | Radical Reversibility 
   Production Assistant
| Rotterdam Photo
| Petra Stavast
Image maker | TENT House for contemporary circus

   Bitter brown salt | Online exhibition | FUSE 
   Graduation show 'Upscaling, Downsizing' | BAK Basis voor actuele kunst

Awards & nominations
   My Love Feels All Wrong | Keep an eye stipend | Nominated  
   MY Love Feels All Wrong
| Blurring the lines | Nominated 
Walking a world not made for me. A grating feeling in my head. The world is intense; it does not wait. So I make my own.

In 2021, circus crept into my peripheral vision. Meeting new people will do that to you sometimes. Since then I have found myself more actively engaged and interested in this odd, underrepresented but highly appreciated art form. For TENT House of contemporary circus art, I am creating a project capturing the unseen moments behind the long term residency programmes they provide for circus makers. 
                                                                                                                This project is still in progress. 

         Untitled Circus Project